Meet Snackers & Anchovy

Here they are, Snackers and Anchovy, the meowtastic lasercats from the Facebook & iPhone video game Bejeweled Blitz. PopCap Games commissioned me to produce 2 puppets for their online promotion, “Caturday”.

Snackers & Anchovy, and the concept drawings they were built from

Snackers is the tortoise kitty, she’s fabricated from a caramel colored “Punky Muppet” fur with airbrushed details.

Front, side and back of Snackers.

Anchovy is half kitty, half robot. He’s fabricated from the same fur in white, with the robot portion of his head built and sculpted from sheet foam, coated with Sculpt or Coat and spray painted, his robot eye even lights up.

Front, side and back of Anchovy.

Up close of Anchovy’s “Borg” Head.

Making these guys was labor of love. I spent most nights after work and weekends at my studio building them for 5 weeks….. 5 weeks to build two puppets may seem like a lot of time, but they are entirely constructed by hand from flat sheet foam, fur, Styrofoam and various other materials with hand painted details. And they’re only the 8th and 9th puppets I’ve ever built…. I’m still learning a lot, and refining my process.

Me and the kitties, photos by the incomparable John E. Hollingsworth.

If You’re interested in seeing how they were built, stay tuned. I documented the entire process with my iPhone.

Weather you’ve always wondered how Muppet-style puppets are made, want to learn how to make puppets yourself,  have some  awesome tips & tricks to keep me from pulling my hair out on my next build, or could offer a critique of my work, come back and pay me a visit…. Soon.

And thanks for stopping by 🙂



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