Pup from Playtime Time!

In February I was part of the innaugural performance of Playtime Time! here in Seattle. It is basically a mixture of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Burlesque added for good meaure.

Final Coffee Table It was a total success. I built Pup for my friend Allison’s first professional puppeteering gig. Pup is the sidekick of the main character Fosse Jack. Allison’s performance was awesome and the crowd LOVED Pup.Here’s the finished puppet 🙂

Foam and 1 earThe foam skull, cut and sculpted using gray acoustic foam.

Foam Mock Headmocking up the color breaks for the fur.

Head Half Furadding some fur, mocking up the nose, whiskers, eyes, tongue and ears.

Head foam body

Mocking up the body for scale.

Peeled HeadFinalizing the fur and sewing it into place.

Hand ArmArms and hands.

Looking UpPup in all his glory.


The Puppet Devil (post coming soon) Allison, Pup, and Yours truly… A Great show, We will be doing PlayTime Time quarterly, stay tuned!

…and…Thanks for stopping by…. “Feel” you later! ❤


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