Inspired by Dr. Seuss…

1 A Blinkey Light

Meet Blinkey.

In honor of this week’s Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge I am presenting a personal project I’ve been working on for some time… Inspired by the imaginary taxidermy of Dr. Seuss, I decided to try my hand at a series of taxidermy heads of monsters from my imagination. Ladies and gentlemen here is the first in my series of Monster Taxidermy.

Blinkey is not completely finished, he needs some fine tuning, but I felt like it’s a good time to share. My favorite part of this project (or many of my  other recent projects) is the fact that he glows in the dark. I LOVE stuff that glows. Ever since I was a little boy and I reached into my box of Count Chocula and pulled out that pale green piece of plastic I’ve been obsessed…

1 BBlinkey GlowLet me share a bit of the process…

Here is my concept drawing of Blinkey.

0 Concept


And his foam skull, made from scrap upholstery foam.

1 head foam

I carved his mouth out and gave it structure using cardboard & felt.

3 mouth

Next I created the eye using 2 different size styrofoam balls, the smaller one to simulate Blinkey’s iris.

2 eyeball

Next I carved his teeth and horns from other scraps of foam I had laying around. The teeth are from a more rigid gray acousical foam, the horns from a softer green upholstery foam, the horns have a wire down the center to hold their shape.

4 horns & teethNext I made a pattern for the fur that will cover Blinkey’s head, since it’s symmetrical I only patterned half and flipped it over.

5 pattern for fur

After that I cut the pattern from “Punky Muppet” fur.

6 fur

And then made the other side.

7 fur2


Next I gessoed the eyeball, teeth and horns to prepare to paint.

8 teeth

and then assembled him to get a good idea of how he was coming together.

9 assembled

then all the parts of Blinkey I wanted to glow were painted with glow paint.

10 glow test

I also added glow powder to acrylic paint and to a clear varnish to paint both the iris and detail on the horns and eye. Here’s my paint pallette…. glowing!


Here’s my glow test of Blinkey’s iris… After that a few details were painted on his eyes and teeth and viola! As I said earlier. I’m in the process of fine tuning him and adding feathers and other details…

11 glow eye test

I hung him in the wall of my apartment, just to get a feel for him and take some time to figure out the tiny little tweaks that make a piece sing… I will update when he is truly finished.

Well, that’s about all for now, thanks for stopping by!





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